The Importance of Discipleship

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The Importance of Discipleship 


Matthew 5:1, 2 And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,


       The amazing truth about this passage of Scripture is that Christ knew that there were hundreds of people waiting for Him to heal, teach, and perform miracles. Yet, being Christ, He was not impressed with the numbers, nor did He have His disciples start counting how many were there that day. 

No, quite the opposite.

Jesus leaves the crowd and goes up into a quiet mountain. 

The disciples follow and hear one of the most famous lessons ever taught to mankind: the Beatitudes.

         There is much to learn from our Lord’s earthly ministry.  New folks were coming to see what was so special, lives were being changed, there were growing crowds and yet Christ left all this to concentrate His time on the individual heart.

       When I look at the first two verses I so desperately want to apply them to my life. I pastor Bible Baptist Church; a growing, on fire church in Southern WV. The Lord is blessing tremendously, and every week we are seeing the Lord do amazing things in our midst. 

As Christ taught on a personal basis, I believe we must do the same. Pastor Bro and I have determined and are praying that we remain a Christ honoring discipleship church. A church that is not caught up in winning politics but winning people.

   This week, no matter where you attend church, find someone who is getting lost in the crowd, and go to your mountain to teach them the wonderful news found in God’s word.


At Bible Baptist Church we want you to know that even though we are growing numerically you will not get lost in the crowd. We want to take the time to know you, and help you grow in the knowledge of our Lord.

-Pastor Shepherd